Amore sangue e tutto quel che c’è in mezzo

Amore sangue e tutto quel che c’è in mezzo , a collection of poems written by Vincenzo Russo, is the third publication that Esaedro, a small publishing house which is connected to my name, makes available to bookshops and readers, also over the Internet. It is an informative and cultural publication, not oriented to business, as in the tradition of the publishing house. After visual art, after comics and fantasy fiction, Esaedro goes now to literature in his pure form, a form governed by rules yet free.
Esaedro, Vincenzo Russo, and game: together, in their path, from 1990 to today – together, then distant due to personal experience and drama of life but never parted, then together again. Vincenzo is, by his own part, game, fantasy: from narrative writings and game sessions in Esaedro a part of Vincenzo was born and this book from Vincenzo is playing with words this time, a false fiction. He takes us around his soul with harsh words, blunt words, sometimes ironically bitter words. Through the description of a reality that he sees as raw and violent but never desperate, he tries to hurt us, to shake us, and he fully achieves his target. Revealing at the same time to the careful and sensitive reader a delicate game of hidden feelings, strong and naked, that are nothing but the biography of his life and his relationship with others; others, that he sees, always, as his peers.

What is life, life with others, life with what we have inside us, if not a game? Emotions, in the poetry of Vincenzo, never ceases to be such. Playing with us, slapping us, teasing us, to stimulate and express. His errors, his contradictions, his tragedies, misery and grandeur of Man and love in freedom, outside of schemes, of models. Vincenzo doesn’t judge, nor asks to be judged.

And finds his true strength: he discovers the strenght to resume his game every day, day after day, never stopping. And it is a strenght that he transmits to us. For the good, and for the bad. Violently.

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